Welcome to the UNT Data Spot!


A New Approach:

In early 2013 the University of North Texas commissioned a taskforce to address a new approach to information sharing. The taskforce consisted of data providers, data consumers, faculty, department chairs, and senior staff. After conducting a study to identify key data providers and commonly requested information, the dataspot emerged as the solution to expanding access and use of critical UNT data while maintaining effective use of provider resources.  The dataspot was deliberately built upon the feedback from nearly 200 UNT constituents regarding data needs, frequency, and sources.

What Exactly is the dataspot?:

  • A UNT-developed, web-based application built upon a secure platform
  • A FERPA-protected, password-enabled, and locked-down community resource
  • A one-stop point of entry for various types of static data regarding student retention, grades, enrollment, degrees, etc.
  • A gateway point to direct you to other real-time data systems (e.g., Blackboard Analytics, Cognos)
  • A partnership between data providers and data consumers built on mutual goals

A Very Critical Distinction:

Content on the dataspot should be used for internal management and programmatic decisions only. Unless expressly stated and marked in the dataspot with the tags of “official” and for “external use” other information is “unofficial” and not suitable for grant applications, research studies, reporting to external agencies, accrediting bodies, and governmental oversight groups. 

The dataspot is the result of a collaboration between of over 20 different offices and divisions representing all major data providers across the UNT campus.  Our partners have committed to supporting this initiative through their participation in the building and implementation of the dataspot.

Examples of Available Data Include:

  • Latest findings on retention factors, student success, and persistence
  • Findings from national surveys and institution-wide report enrollment snapshots
  • Department- or division-based assessment findings
  • Institutional Research ad-hoc reports of interest to multiple constituents
  • Excel-based datasets (sortable, filterable, etc.):
    • Academic Status Reports
    • Student population file with key characteristics and variables of interest
    • Student directory file with public information and email addresses


access the dataspot


For more information or to request training please email dataspot@unt.edu or call (940) 369-5289.

The UNT Data Spot is sponsored by Data, Analytics, & Institutional Research (DAIR).