About the Data Spot

The Retention Data Task Force has been charged with the conceptualization and creation of an online hub to increase data use and accessibility.  Primary users will be UNT faculty and staff, who will have credentialed access to data.  There will also be some aggregate data publicly available through the site.

This project is focused on retention data; however, campus data are interconnected, and in full form, the Data Spot may be extended to encompass much campus data, exclusive of fiscal information.

This project contributes to Bold Goals 1, 2, and 3.  Bold Goals 1 and 2, providing the best undergraduate educational experience and providing superior graduate education, are addressed through increased accessibility and usability of data.  Bold Goal 3, establishing leadership in operational efficiency and effectiveness, is addressed through a reduction in ad hoc requests, a more educated constituency regarding what data is available and how it may be used, and a focus on actions and outcomes associated with data requests.